Next Skyrim DLC To Be Titled “Dragonborn” And Feature Ridable Dragons And Mounted Spell Casting?

  Don’t you just love nosey gamers who can’t resist taking a closer look at their game files? One such gamer, going by the username of Mardoxx, over on the Nexus Mods forum took a close look at the files contained within the latest 1.8 update for Skyrim, and what he found was some rather interesting snippets of [...]

Minecraft Dev Notch Offers To Fund Psychonauts 2

In surprising news, Minecraft developer Markus “Notch” Persson has replied to a recent revelation by Tim Schafer concerning Psychonauts 2 with the following message on his Twitter feed: @TimOfLegend Let’s make Psychonauts 2 happen. So, what’s the context, you might wonder? Tim Schafer – well-known developer at Double Fine who was the brains behind Psychonauts [...]

Anonymous Threaten To Bring Down XBox Live In Retaliation For Closure Of MegaUpload

Anonymous, the global hacking group, have threatened to bring down the XBox Live servers in retaliation for the FBI closing down the massively popular hosting site Megaupload, which was closed on January 19th due copyright infringement investigations. They’ve also threatened to bring down the UN, US Bank, Capital One, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. That’s one hell of a [...]