Thieving Google Bastards!

Back in the day I had a blog hosted on At some point I decided to put it on it’s own domain, and used the automated Blogger process that registered my domain name of choice with Enom. Less than a year later I transferred the domain to Godaddy, so it would be with all of my other domain names in one easy to access place.

Even though the domain name was no longer registered with Enom, Google Checkout charged my credit card $10 to renew the domain when the registration date came around. Google stole my $10, and there is no way to contact them to GET MY MONEY BACK!!!

All I could think to do was post my issue on Google Forums, and guess what? There were many people complaining they were also charged by Google for domains that were no longer registered with Enom. And guess what else? Google has exactly ZERO replies to any of the inquiries. Google’s implied position: THANKS FOR THE FREE MONEY BITCH!!!

You may notice if you browse Google forums that you will seldom find a question addressed or answered by a Google employee. If you do get an answer (rather than a piling on of “me too” posts) it will likely be by some idiot that knows less than you, but still manages not to answer your question with a condescending attitude.